Bloodstone Mushroom


Cecily Braden design. Stimulates lymphatic flow. Relieves tension & stress. Relaxes tight muscles.



Please note you are buying 1 mushroom for £44, when you purchase 2 mushrooms they come in a protective pouch. Can be used warm.

Bloodstone Benefits

“Bloodstone is a blood purifier. It has an affinity for invigorating and breaking up blood stagnation and nourishing the blood. It’s connected to the Bao Mai channel, which has a strong “emotional connotation.” As always, when we relieve tension (physical and emotional) and increase micro-circulation, it creates a chain reaction that oxygenates the skin, increases cell activity to bring about a healthy glow and give freedom to the tissue to breathe and function more properly” Cecily Braden.

3.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm


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