Jade Spiked Roller


CJB Jade Spiked Roller by Cecily Braden.
Protective Eco-Pouch included.



The “spikes” are what make this tool special,  use a light pressure and this roller has the same benefits as a smooth head, medium pressure for fine lines and wrinkles, firm pressure to release tension and stress.

“It’s about balancing the pressure with the movement to create a fundamental shifts within the tissue of your skin. The addition of “spikes” improve Qi circulation (a.k.a. your body’s electricity) by stimulating the meridian points.” Cecily Braden.

For best results: use daily to improve elasticity, collagen production, and to support the lymphatic system in keeping the skin healthy.

Jade Benefits

Jade is linked with Chinese Medicine and healing. It is connected to the heart chakra and believed to bring good luck and abundance. It has cleansing and cooling properties and is the most popular crystal for using as a gua sha tool.


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