Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller


CJB Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller by Cecily Braden.
Protective Eco-Pouch included.



The “spikes” are what make this tool special, use a light pressure and this roller has the same benefits as a smooth head, medium pressure for fine lines and wrinkles, firm pressure to release tension and stress.

“It’s about balancing the pressure with the movement to create a fundamental shifts within the tissue of your skin. The addition of “spikes” improve Qi circulation (a.k.a. your body’s electricity) by stimulating the meridian points.” Cecily Braden

Yellow Nephrite Benefits

  • Long-term use of yellow jade can moisturise your skin, promote metabolism and promote a healthy glow.
  • In addition, it helps eliminate negative emotions, including stress, nervousness, irritability, depression, bringing a more positive energy, making people optimistic and hopeful, and growing courage and confidence in facing setbacks and challenges.
  • Yellow jade can regulate the human digestive system and can treat gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion and stomach cold, and promote digestion and absorption. In addition, it has a certain slimming effect for those who want to lose weight!


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