“I decided to source reflexology for my daughter after a coeliac diagnosis. She was still suffering symptoms and experiencing joint pain. We found Rebecca; she came across as professional but also put us at our ease straight away and knew exactly how to interact with Maddy. Maddison had 3 sessions in total, since these her symtoms have decreased dramatically, her joint pain has gone and she seems far happier and confident. For anyone in a similar situation I couldn’t recommend reflexology and Rebecca enough. We are very grateful. Thanks.”

Laura, St Austell

Children’s Treatments

“I had been suffering from bouts of anxiety and insomnia on and off over several months when I saw Becky for reflexology. At first I was apprehensive but after the first treatment I felt very relaxed and sleepy. I feel that reflexology definitely improved my sleep and sleep patterns – I no longer wake in the early hours and seem to be falling asleep earlier and waking earlier. My appetite, which had been poor due to my anxiety, also improved after the treatment. Highly recommended.”

KB, St Austell

Anxiety and insomnia

“Whenever I have reflexology with Becky I always leave feeling happier, relaxed, energized and motivated. Becky is kind, professional, empathetic and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Micha, St Austell

Reflexology for Wellbeing

“I have suffered from multiple sclerosis for many years and after just one reflexology session with Becky, I woke the following morning without the usual pins and needles in my feet – and over a week later they haven’t returned. The session was very relaxing and I will definitely be booking again!”

DW, St Austell

Multiple sclerosis

“I received reflexology treatment when I was in my last stages of pregnancy and have a phobia of people touching my feet. I explained this all to Rebecca and went along for a consultation to have a full understanding of what it would include. After a couple of sessions, I completely relaxed about the whole idea of my feet being touched; I wasn’t ticked like I thought I would be. I really looked forward to my sessions.

I had SPD and headaches with my pregnancy and I feel reflexology helped me a lot right up until the birth. After three treatments I had far less pain from SPD and was much more mobile and able to get out of bed more easily. I slept much better, no longer waking in the middle of the night, my headaches cleared up and I generally felt more energized. Rebecca also showed me a few tips I could do at home on myself. Highly recommended and the only person I’ve let touch my feet.”

Amy, Par

Maternity Treatments

“I never thought reflexology was something that could help me with issues other than stress because of the nature of the therapy – who wouldn’t relax having their feet played with whilst they listen to soothing music whilst lying under a blanket? Boy, was I proved wrong! During my first treatment, Becky pinpointed issues with my menstrual cycle (which I have always suffered terribly with) and my anxiety and she focused the sessions on helping these. I didn’t think it had any effect at first but a week later my partner commented on how relaxed I seemed, how well I was sleeping and that I hadn’t had an anxiety attack since seeing Becky.

After three sessions when my period came around, I found it lighter, less painful and it didn’t bring the usual mood swings. For me that’s AMAZING! I slept better and generally felt calmer.

I continued to see Becky regularly but missed a couple of sessions due to other commitments and have to say that I really noticed that when I didn’t go my anxiety got worse. Straight back I went and my issues got better very quickly.
I plan to keep seeing Becky as I find her treatment extremely relaxing; it really has worked for me. I enjoy her company and you are put so at ease that you don’t mind talking about your issues, however embarrassing.”

Kate, Par

Rebalancing hormones