Lift your face and spirit naturally

Zone Face Lift is a treatment like no other. It has been described as a 'spiritual facial' that leaves you looking and feeling great.

This unique treatment combines ancient and modern techniques - Facial Reflexology, Native American healing herbs, Japanese Face Lift massage, crystals and GuaSha. It is an effective natural alternative to more invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers. Clients report a feeling of total bliss and relaxation while their faces are lifted and skin is left glowing.

It is the perfect treatment to leave you feeling and looking good before a special event or can be used as part of your regular anti-ageing regime.

Rebecca is amongst a handful of therapists in Cornwall and Devon who have been trained by Ziggie Bergman, creator of ZFL, at Regents University, London.

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What happens during a Zone Face Lift Treatment?

Your first appointment will last around 90 minutes to allow time for us to complete a consultation. We will discuss any health issues or medication you may be taking as well as any skin concerns you may have. This will allow me to check for any contra-indications and to tailor the treatment just for you.

Please note: If you have received Botox or Facial Fillers, you must wait 3 weeks before having a Facial Reflexology treatment.If you have undergone Face Lift surgery, a treatment cannot go ahead until 3 months after the operation and 6 months if there have been any complications/infection.

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You will be invited to make yourself comfortable on my massage couch, with the option of a cosy blanket. Zone Face Lift can be performed over clothing or I can incorporate a deeper neck and shoulder massage using oils – it is your choice.

Once you are comfortable, I open the treatment with the Native American ritual of Smudging using White Sage or Palo Santo Wood. Native Americans believe this ritual can help to dispel negative energy and enhance positive energy. Clients love this ancient scared tradition and the way it instantly seems to set a relaxing and positive mood for the treatment. Alternatively I can use the Zone Face Lift Magical Mist Aura Spray, which uses Organic Rose Petals and Sweet Grass, for similar mood-boosting benefits.

After a hot towel cleanse, I apply the award-winning Zone Face Lift Elixir. This is a premium amethyst crystal-infused elixir which uses sacred herbs to hydrate your skin. It has been shown to reduce fine lines and help you look radiant.

Once the oil is applied, I begin a Facial Reflexology treatment. I use a range of massage techniques and apply gentle pressure to the different reflex points on the face. It is an incredibly relaxing treatment and most clients find they go into a meditative state.

Next, I use a combination of Japanese Face Lift Massage and special tools – Crystal Spheres, Rollers and Gua Sha tools - a unique combination of techniques that work in harmony to de-puff, lift, sculpt and smooth your skin.

I close the treatment with some deep breathing and Indian Head Massage to bring you gently back to the real world.

Afterwards you will have time to relax with a glass of filtered water. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and I will show you some simple techniques to use at home that will enhance your results.

Wed Magazine Editor, Rebecca Matthews visited me to try Zone Face Lift for herself. You can read all about her experience here:

ZFL Packages

A single treatment lasts 75 minutes but for optimum benefit, a course of treatments is recommended. You can enjoy the ultimate top-to-toe treatment by booking a 2-hour session which includes foot reflexology.

If you'd like to book a package, please contact Rebecca for information on discounts.

  • Intensive – 3 treatments within 1 week
  • Mini-course - 6 regular treatments
  • Full ZFL programme – 12 regular treatments

ZFL has featured in the national press:

Although the focus is on how great clients feel after treatments, sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Here are some Before and After photos:

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